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English Comprehension test will comprise of 100 questions divide into many subgroups, The first subgroup of 10 bits(101-110) comprises of a sentence which will be divided into 4 parts and one of the part will be faulty with respect to spelling/grammar the candidate has to find out the error block and mark it on OMR.

The second subgroup(111-120) consists of fill in the blanks, candidate is required to choose the right option in the blank, the third set of 10 bits(121-130) consists of antonyms, the possible opposite word is to be marked in the OMR for the given question.

The fourth subset(131-140) consists of Synonyms section the best possible meaning is to be selected in the OMR sheet,The fourth subgroup (141-150) consists of four options in which three options are wrongly spelt and only one will be correct, indicating the correct spelling fetches one mark for the candidate, Bits from 151-155 consists of the sentence of words and one of the option is the one word substitute of the question marking the right option will fetch a mark, Bits from 156-165 may consist of marking the best substitute for the underlined idiom, 166-170 consists of the sentence in which the underlined section is asked for improvisation if there is best alternative in the option then the candidate has to mark it, else the candidate has to mark (d)option for no improvement.

171-175 consists of a big sentence which is divided into 6 parts, the 1st and 6th part are marked with numerals whereas the middle section is jumbled into 4 parts, the candidate has to make a meaningful sentence starting from 1st and ending with 6th and the correct order of the alphabetically marked jumbled group is to be indicated in the option.

176-180 the sentence will be given in passive/active voice the candidate has to convert it into active/passive vice-versa and indicate the correct option. 181-190 A paragraph will be given in which 10 parts will be left blank marked 181 to 190, the candidate has to choose the best suited option for the respective blank. 191-200- Two passages will be given .191-195 and 196-200 and 5 questions will be asked from the passages, candidates have to thoroughly study the passage and mark the correct option. The total subgroup sequence may be jumbled but the exam format will be the same.


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